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Submission - Blockchain technology as problem solver

Details of idea

by kperchthaler  |  at 13. February 2019 - 15:36  |  
Submitted to Are Blockchain & ICOs/STOs Crowdfunding's ...


Blockchain technology is well on the way to solving some problems that make crowdfunding difficult.

1) Problem of connecting a payment service provider.
2) Complicated and difficult to verify contracts and documents concerning the success of the company, the successful implementation of the project.
3) The tradability and transferability of crowdfunding shares are some of them.

The more trustworthy company data can be accessed by everyone, the more trustworthy crowdfunding/ICOs/STOs projects will become.

If decentralization is maintained throughout the process, then values really belong to whoever owns them. Today it is often difficult to maintain decentralization throughout. For example, exchanges for ICOs are partially centralized. It is important for the user to understand the process and make conscious decisions.



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