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Submission - Next level of decentralization - a panacea?

Details of idea

by Jürgen Neubauer  |  at 1. February 2019 - 11:15  |  
Submitted to Are Blockchain & ICOs/STOs Crowdfunding's ...


Blockchain takes decentralization of value creation and evaluation to a next level.

Similar what happened when the internet came along, by one of its most widespread application today named youtube and what it caused to business models in the music industry. It decentralized value creation and also value evaluation, shifted it to vastly to the consumer. The job of central institutions, such as the major music labels, changed, and hence power shifted.
In terms of crowdfunding, it can open up to investments from digital wallets based on blockchain tech that combines some advantages of cash (being anonymous) and that of traditional digital money (e.g.: geographical independence) and hence take it to a next level of low barrier access to value creation and its evaluation. However, will the added value, stemming from this tech rise to another level too?

It might spark a debate on the areas of society a centralized or a decentralized power will do a better job to add value.



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