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Quick Info

Logo design, word brand and slogan for Crowd-Funding-Hub!

Winner of each category receives a Styrian speciality (each worth of € 20,-)

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If you were to decide on a logo design, word branding and slogan for Crowd-Funding-Hub, what would it look and sound like? 

The Idea behind Crowd-Funding-Hub is to create a place to promote Crowd-Funding by establishing hub locations in 9 countries (CZE, SVK, POL, SVN, HUN, CRO, ITA, GER and AUT). Therefore, we want to invite you to co-create with us a common look and feel of Crowd-Funding-Hub. Give free reign to your imagination!

The contest is separated into 3 categories:

1. Logo design: 

A memorable and recognisable illustration that stands out

2. Word brand:

Either in English or a made-up word

3. Slogan

A short and catchy slogan (in English)

Key words to get your brain started!

  • Networking
  • International Exchange
  • Learning from each other
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Social impact


Submissions are going to be evaluated by the following four criteria

  • How well does the logo design/word brand/slogan convey the idea behind Crowd-Funding-Hubs
  • Adaptability to countries (9 Hub locations)
  • Adaptability from colored to black & white version
  • Scalability (to be recognizable in each size)

Neither a detailed rendering nor developing a complete corporate identity is part of the competition. The goal is to collect ideas, sketches and drafts. Feel free to use your drawing board! 

A few more requirements:

  • Applicable both in digital and in print
  • All colours allowed



In order to promote Crowd-Funding in central european countries and share knowledge across boarders, the creation of national Crowd-Funding-Hub locations in 9 countries (CZE, SVK, POL, SVN, HUN, CRO, ITA, GER and AUT) are planned. Hubs are going to be places to meet, exchange ideas, share best practices, test innovative ideas etc, while all activities have non commercial character. 


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