Are Blockchain & ICOs/STOs Crowdfunding's Future?

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How can Blockchain transform Crowdfunding Industry?

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Are Blockchain & ICOs/STOs Crowdfunding's Future? Currently, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as well as Security Token Offering (STO) are in focus and we are asking you how crowdfunding can profit from them? We invite you to bring in ideas, examples and comments, focused on these questions:
  • What is the blockchain technology solving that the crowdfunding industry has not yet been able to solve?
  • What do crowdfunding and ICOs/STOs have in common?
  • Where are the differences? Which parts of a crowdfunding campaign, a crowdfunding platform are replaced by ICOs/STOs?
Share your opinion on the future of alternative finance with us! You can also like, comment and vote on inputs of other creative users.


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